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About This Page:

Welcome to our puppies page! We want to make it clear that the adorable puppies posted here are from breeders who are looking for forever homes for their furry friends. As a local business, we are simply helping these breeders find loving homes for their puppies. It's important to note that we have nothing to do with the breeding or selling of the puppies. We believe in responsible pet ownership and encourage you to do your research and make an informed decision before bringing a puppy into your home. We hope you find your perfect furry companion!

Available Puppies

German Shepherd Puppies

Five 10 week old German shepherd puppies available! One boy & four girls. They are working on basic & kennel training. The pups are good with kids & small dogs.


They have been to the vet & have a clean bill of health, first & second shots as well as dewormed twice. Microchipped upon request.


They come with a weeks worth of high quality food, as well as a blanket with the smell of mom, home training treats & toys.

Originally asking $2000 a puppy but have now dropped to $1000.

Please text Alison at (647) 389-7734 if you are interested!

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