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Our Customers Pets

   Over the past 40 years we have provided many thousands of pets to our customers all over Southern Ontario.  Very often we have people coming back to our store for another pet and often they are interested in getting one from the same breeder as their first one or possibly meeting up with someone who adopted one of their pets' siblings.  

   So we created a Facebook group, Doogan's Orangeville, where our customers can post pictures of their pets and possibly connect with the parents of one of their pets' siblings.  You are welcome to join our group and post your pictures and request other people to do the same if they recognize your pet from our store.  

   You can also just upload your photos here and we will display them for everyone to see.  We do of course reserve the right to refuse anything deemed inappropriate so please keep in mind that ours is a family oriented store and this web page is also.

  Just click the link below and follow the prompts to upload your photos.  They usually will appear within a couple of days.

Got a picture of your pet to share?
Submit it to us and we'll add it in!

While you're at it, join us and our great community of pet lovers on Facebook!

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