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  • How do I order online?
    Online ordering is currently unavailable. But we're working on it! Please visit us at our flagship location at 39 Broadway, Orangeville, Ontario or at our stores in Barrie in the Kozlov Centre and at our affiliate store in Alliston known as The Pet Shop.
  • Do you deliver?
    Not currently. But we suggest the use of a great local delivery service available at very reasonable prices at Just Try Me, Home Delivery (519-218-1234).
  • What kind of pets do you sell?
    We sell just about every kind of pet there is: Birds: From Finches to Conures. Small Animals: From Hamsters to Ferrets. Reptiles: From Corn Snakes to Bearded Dragons. Kittens: Local domestic varieties. Puppies: Mixed and true to breed varieties. Fish: From Guppies to Cichlids. Specialty: Hermit Crabs, Frogs, Bettas and more.
  • Where do you get your puppies from?
    All of our puppies and kittens are locally sourced from reputable breeders or family raised pets. We are strongly opposed to puppy mills and we do not support this industry.
  • What kind of fish do you carry?
    We carry a large slection of tropical fish as well as ornamental goldfish and all sorts of feeder fish. We do not carry marine fish.
  • Do you sell crickets?
    Yes, as well as worms, mice and rats and just about anything else you need to keep your snakes and lizards thriving. Whether you want one or one thousand, we always have plenty in stock at the most competitive prices.
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