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ReptiHabitat Aquatic Turtle Kit

On sale for $239.98 & normally $399.99

ReptiHabitat Aquatic Turtle Kit

Dive into Turtle Care with Ease: Introducing Zoo Med's 20 Gallon Starter Kit for Your New Shelled Companion

20 gallon (long) aquarium. 30″x12″x12″ (76x30x30cm) with screen top.
Mini Combo Deep Dome Hood.
Repti Tuff™ Halogen Lamp 50 watt (splash proof)
Reptisun® 5.0 UVB 13 watt bulb.
318 TurtleClean™ Submersible Filter.
Turtle Dock™ (small size).
River Pebbles™ 10 lb.
Reptisafe® Water Conditioner.
Reptile thermometer.
Aquatic Turtle Banquet® Block.
Natural Aquatic Turtle Food (growth formula).
Large Sun-Dried Red Shrimp.
Aquatic Turtle Care Book.

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